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Friday, February 18, 2011

Does this mean I'm famous or a has-been?

While trying to figure out a way to finally establish my list of credits--who I've written for over the years and what I've done for them--in the hopes of maybe lining up some work, I came across a Wikipedia page about me!

I've known about the Steve Miller (columnist) and Steve Miller (writer) Wiki-pages for a while. Back when I was writing "Dragonlance" and "Star Wars" material regularly, I would occasionally be mistaken by fans for Steve Miller (writer) (and co-writer of the very excellent Laiden sci-fi series)--and visa-versa. I may even have been mistaken for Steve Miller (columnist) at one point or another. Much to the great shame of those two worthies, I'm sure.

I've never been mistaken for Steve Miller (musician), even if I used to write music reviews. I've always dreamed about getting just one of his royalty checks by mistake! (And screw the ethics classes I used to teach! It would go straight into the bank account!)

But... now that someone has bothered making a Wiki page for me, should I start demanding the best tables at restaurants, or should I shut down the word processor and get a job as a security guard or Wendy's manager?

Whichever it is, at least I have another excuse to post a link and say, "please buy my latest book."


  1. I set up a Wikipedia page for myself once, only to find it had been taken down the next day.

    I was like, "Screw you guys."

  2. Apparently, they frown on people writing their own pages, but given your connections to Charlie Sheen and Sinbad, you deserve a Wiki-page. :D

  3. Steve, this is great news, congrats! I didn't know you designed games. And thanks for clarifying. Other than the singer I'm not familiar with the other Steves, and may have thought the "Steve Miller(writer)" page was about you, as the seemingly fitting description lists a number of impressive writing credits and mentions that he's an owner of cats!

  4. Yeah, there was rampant confusion bewteen who was who ca. 1999. SFWA even credited the other Steve Miller with writing "Dragonlance" fiction and games in a bio they prepared for him, even though I don't think he's ever done tie-in fiction of any sort. (Where that's all I've done, at least professionally.)