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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jihad Bitch Pleads Guilty

Looks like the Muslim Maniac known widely as "Jihad Jane" has plead guilty to being a Jihadist Bitch.

From Big Peace: Jihad Jane Pleads Guilty

One can see why she follows Islam, though. Someone that ugly can only hope to score when wearing a body tent. (No picture of Jihad Jane here--she's simply too hideous to display--but you can click on the linked article to check her out.)

However, here's a cartoon of Mohammed in expression of my respect for the beliefs of Mohammadan death-cultists everywhere.


  1. But we must never forget, "Islam is a religion of peace!"


  2. Right! It's the religion where you have to remain silent if you're not caterwauling about the glory of Allah and his Boy Mo!