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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Health Care: Obama's Making It AAALLL Better!

In the past two years, my health insurance premium has gone up $112/month to $159/month. (The dental part is full coverage but the medical coverage has a deductible of $2,700... which is up from $2,450. And then there's the 20% co-pay.)

Next month, it will cost $180 just to walk in the door at my doctor's office, as opposed to the $118 it's cost since two years ago.

God only knows what lab-work and tests will increase to. Or the surgery that I will most likely need later this year.

Meanwhile, my income has dropped 35% over the past two years, and I don't see it going anywhere but down this year.

I thought Our Dear Leader, Barack Obama, was going to make everything better and cheaper with his massive health care plan.

When exactly is my health care supposed to become affordable? Or will I continue to pay more so the leaches Obama wants to cater to can keep NOT paying anything?

Yes... my health costs are one of the many reasons I am NOT In.


  1. DUDE!
    You are so right.

    Did you read my healthcare entry? I absolutely have the same concerns as you.

    This whole process is insane. I swear, we are addressing this issue like a bunch of INSANE people.

    It really bugs me.

    Good, well argued, post.

  2. Yep, I saw you post and I agree with it. Although I don't think I really argued anything... just delivered some facts. I hope those facts get amplified in 2012.