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Friday, April 29, 2011

You... yes, YOU!

Writers write, but we also write to be read. Is there really a reason for maintaining a blog or a website if no one ever visits other than yourself?

Yes, I maintain these blogs to a large degree for my own amusement--and this blog reflects that more than any of the others--but I also do it because I believe there are others out there who are interested in what I am posting. And I think that I am right in my assumption.

You love me... you really love me!

Over the past 90 days, the visitor count for Cinema Steve, the hub for my various review blogs, has gone from 20K to 35K per month, so I find that very encouraging. I suspect the number of visits will drop by a bit in May as there won't be this wonderful Blogging A to Z Challenge that I've been taking part in all this month, but I am still very pleased with the growth.

And I want to thank you for visiting.

Yes, I know a little more than half of you come here for the girlie pictures in the Tectonic Tuesday series (which I suppose means I should revive it?), but ca. 25% come here from other blogs or search engines specifically for the reviews and other articles, and some 40% of you seem to be clicking on the "You Might Also Like" links at the bottom of each post. Also, roughly 60% of all visitors move onto one of my other blogs, mostly Terror Titans or Movies You Should [Die Before You] See. My personal favorite, Shades of Gray, sees a little growth every month--much of it originating here--but it is still has a much smaller readership than my other equally active blogs.

And then there are those of you who click through to and actually buy something through the affiliate links. I thank you double for that, because it helps feed my cats! (And I've been under-employed and struggling with medical bills for the past five years, so every little bit helps!)

But, in addition to saying "thank you" for visiting, I would like to ask what you would like to see more of here at Cinema Steve.

Would you want to see more news links with light commentary? More threat analysis ala the Tectonic Tuesday series? More reviews of movies? More reviews of graphic novels? Or should I cut the crap here, and do more frequent updates on the other blogs, such as Terror Titans, Shades of Gray, Watching the Detectives, or The Charles Band Collection? What would you like to see more of that would bring you back more often?

Please take the survey on the sidebar to the right, or use the comments section to reply. The floor is yours. Help me make this a better use of your time!

And I thank you again for visiting, even if it is just to look at earthmoving girls in skimpy outfits.

These guys love me less, but they come for the pictures of girls in undies.

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