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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Al-Qaeda's Kashmiri Dead!

Just posting a link to the feel-good news of the day; another al-Qaeda scumbag has been sent to Hell in pieces, together with nine other of his closest psychotic friends.

Good job, American military and intelligence services!

Ilyas Kashmiri Dead: Al Qaeda Commander Killed In Pakistan In U.S. Drone Strike, Official Says

(Once again... there will be Muslims around the world tearing their hair out and threatening death and destruction to American for the dispatching of this killer. Once again, there will be Muslims around the world showing us the TRUE face of the "religion of peace," because it was the face worn openly by Kashmiri and his al-Qaeda butt-buddies. And that's too bad. It would be nice if Islam really was what its PR flacks like to portray.)


  1. I'm sensing some hostility here, Steve.

  2. Perhaps a tad. I hated the IRA as a kid, I hate al-Qaeda as an adult. I guess there will always be some group of homicidal child molesters causing havoc for me to get worked up about. :)