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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tennessee Thursday: Senator Bill Ketron

A little something Tenn. lawmakers don't care about.

On July 1, a law takes affect in Tennessee that makes it illegal to display images on the internet that "cause emotional distress." I am instituting the Tennessee Thursday series to spotlight the idiots passing themselves off as lawmakers in the "great state" of Tennessee who were key players in creating the outrageous bill--which is summarized here--and ultimately the retard in the governor's chair who signed it into law.

Each entry will also feature an image that may or may not "cause emotional distress" in whoever sees it, and therefore I may end up facing charges in Tennessee at some point.

If you are offended by the images and/or subject matter to the point of "emotional distress," please feel free to let me know. However, it's unlikely I will give a damn. I encourage you to submit any complaints you may have to the Tennessee state authorities.

Postings that may be illegal in Tennessee #1

If that image upsets you emotionally, or if anything on this blog makes you feel intimidated, please email Senator Ketron. I'm sure he'll know how to help.

Tennessee "Lawmaker" Profile #1: Senator Bill Ketron

Bill Ketron was born and raised in Tennessee. He holds a B.S. degree in political science and history from Middle Tennessee State University, and the school honored him as a "distinguished alumnus" in 1991; neither fact speaks very highly to the level of quality at MTSU. (Ketron's hobbies include boxing, so there is a remote chance he was smarter once.)

Ketron was elected to state office in 2002, and his lawmaking-peers made him Republican Majority Caucus Chairman in December 2010. In addition, he is a member of the Finance, Ways, & Means Committee, State & Local Government Committee, Transportation Committee, and Ethics Committee. He is Chairman of the Fiscal Review Committee. Senator Ketron is also a member of the Long-Term Care Oversight.

When not drafting laws that violate the United States Constitution, Ketron runs the insurance agency he founded by his father in 1969. Ketron is up for re-election in 2011.

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