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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's a funny thing about being funny....

With the re-release of ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters, I received a pleasant surprise.

Not only have some of you out there purchased the game, but you're playing it. Not only are you playing it, but you're making your own original characters. Some of you have even noticed a "flaw" in the character generation system and taken the time to come to the blog and find my email address and write me. I just want to say thank you playing the game... it's why we make them!

Now, the designers of ROLF! do NOT consider what you've found a flaw; we thought it was funny and knew exactly what we were doing. That said, I acknowledge that our senses of humor aren't universal. Furthermore, I also didn't think the character generation system would be put to much use and that you players out there would be using the pre-generated characters rather than making them from scratch.

At the very least, your feedback is resulting in a couple of sentences worth of "optional character generation rules" in "Icing Otzi: A ROLF! Historical Recreation" (coming later this week) and if enough of you speak up in agreement over the "flaw," then a full-fledged Second Edition will have to be made. (Even if said "Second Edition" results from the addition of maybe ten more words at most... but they're very important words).

What is this "flaw," you ask? Ah, but that would be telling. See if you can suss it out!

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