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Monday, August 1, 2011

Celebrate the U.S. deciding to honor its
obligations by stimulating the economy!

Well, our so-called leaders here in the States kinda-sorta did something about addressing the economic issues facing the United States of American, and they FINALLY got around to doing their Constitutionally mandated duties and made sure that all of the financial obligations of the Federal government will be met.

At least for a little while longer, since no serious effort was undertaken to address the more serious long-term problems.

But, I suggest you all out there celebrate by stimulating the economy and buying an eBook from NUELOW Games... I'd REQUIRE you to do so, but then I'd have to be a President, a member of Congress, or perhaps a character in "Alice in Blunderland."

Although written over 100 years ago, the jokes in "Alice in Blunderland" are distressingly fresh. John Kendrick Bangs might as well have been poking fun at today's political leaders, right down to how they deal with debt and government spending in the perfect town created by the Mad Hatter.

This PDF-format book--ideal for reading on laptops and iPads--is going to be on sale for $0.99 for the rest of this week. Check it out... you'll get a great read, and you'll help the U.S. economy by giving my distributor and I a few pennies!

Click here to see all the currently available eBooks and roleplaying game products currently avaliable from NUELOW Games. (It amuses me to no end that our current best-seller is a Christmas release. :D )


  1. Alice in Blunderland?
    Was it really written over 100 years ago???

    I'm actually curious now.

  2. Yes sir, first printing was in 1907... and I was frankly astonished at how timely the jokes are. The edition I prepared for NUELOW Games has very few no updates or revisions to the main text, other than bringing some of the spelling and punctuation in line with modern standards. (As opposed to "Houseboat on the River Styx" which was subjected to a heavy editorial hand in many places.)

  3. I should add that I first started reading "Alice in Blunderland" just for my own edification and motivated purely by my love several of John Kendrick Bangs' other books. When I discovered how relevant much of it still is to what I've been seeing unfolding economically and politically and the stated goals of a number of our leaders, I decided to prepare a new eBook edition of it.

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