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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It’s Official: Miller Endorses Herman Cain.

That's a different Miller than me, though... we're talking Dennis Miller.

I've always liked Dennis Miller, and I've been a big an of Godfather's Pizza since before Herman Cain was personally appearing as a standee in a suit and fedora in Godfather's Pizza stores (and it's my preferred pizza to this day...).

But I'm not behind Cain for president yet. (I know you're all waiting to see who I endorse, so you can follow my lead... but there's plenty of time for me to tell you who to vote for. (What? My endorsement is every bit as valid as some director or rapper or actress, I should think.)

Cain as a politician holds a little more appeal to me than several of the other Republican candidates currently running--and a whole lot more than the potentials that the media seem so in love, such as Palin and Christie--but I don't know enough yet to say whether I like him as a candidate. (Almost anyone would be a better candidate than Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and the empty suit currently taking up space in the White House.

1 comment:

  1. Personality wise, I like Cain over any other candidate by far. However O'Reilly brings up a good point about his foreign policy - I think a candidate needs to have some knowledge.