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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never forget

I've used the phrase in the headline several times when referencing 9/11/2001, the day a gang of psychopathic Muslims killed thousands of hapless Americans and destroyed the World Trade Center in NYC with hijacked airliners. All while praising their god and professing their idolatry for the Prophet Mohammad.

Unfortunately, as Lawrence Myers points out in this column, America as a nation has forgotten. As Myers says, "We have forgotten that this was a terrorist attack on America. We have forgotten that we are at war. We have forgotten that a cancer exists whose sole and only stated goal is our destruction. That cancer has a name. It is Radical Islam."

I'm not saying that all Muslims are at war with the United States or want to see Americans slaughtered or enslaved to the whims of a death cult centered on the idol worship of the Prophet Mohammad. There are, obviously, uncounted numbers of American Muslims who love this country and who want to see it and their friends and neighbors survive and prosper. There are also, obviously, Muslims around the world who just want to live in peace and who would never murder anyone. I am saying that we need to remember who the real enemies are. And what they did.

Just like all Germans weren't Nazis, all Muslims aren't members of the idol-worshiping Mohammedan Death Cult of Radical Islam. However, just like all Nazis were evil, so are all the bloodthirsty, murderous adherents of Radical Islam. Those who would appease them or make excuses for them range from stupid to evil themselves, just like those who espoused appeasement against the Nazis.

September 11, 2001 should have been the alarm that spurred this entire nation to action in an effort to crush an enemy that's been growing in strength since the 1980s. But this does not appear to have happened. At best, we've taken half-measures, because our leaders are weak. Generally, we've done nothing, because our leaders our cowards. At worst, we've forgotten what happened, because we've allowed those who sympathize with the Radical Islamic death cultists obscure what happened that day and who conducted the attacks and committed the mass murders.

Read Lawrence Meyer's column: Reminder: We Are at War.

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  1. Those of us that do not remember or study the past are doomed to repeat the same chain of events that allow the terrors of the past to re-surface in the present or future.