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Monday, January 2, 2012

Favorite TV Shows

While driving to the office today, I heard a radio host talking about a list of favorite and least favorite TV shows broken down by conservative and liberal viewers. I figured I'd offer my list of favorites, which doesn't match the choices of either campt (except for a single program). I guess that means that I am still a follower of "common sense" and Steveism, as I've been claiming for years. Right and left be damned.

My Ten Favorite Television Series

1. Burn Notice
2. CSI: (Las Vegas... and I'm loving Ted Danson on it)
4. Eureka
5. Leverage
6. Dr. Who
7. In Plain Sight (which will be cancelled after 8 episodes this!)
8. Psych
9. Royal Pains
10. Sanctuary


  1. We share 6 of those - 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 - and I'm loving Ted Danson on CSI too! I have always enjoyed Larry Fishburne - but those two seasons were some tough slogging for me - Danson is a surprisingly comfortable fit. I would add for the other 4 Chuck, Hell's Kitchen, Mike and Molly, and The Soup.

  2. Dr Who is the only one of these I've even heard of, I'm afraid.
    And I'm guessing you mean the new version, rather than the one I grew up with.

    So does that make me not right, not left, not Steveist?
    What am I???

  3. Craig,

    I've never watched Chuck, but I've heard good things... and I don't think I've heard of any of your other three faves. (Is "The Soup" that show on VH1 where the host comments on TV clips?)


    The only Dr. Who I haven't cared for was the series that had Ace as the sidekick and the one with Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor. So, I could be referring to the ones you grew up watching. (But it his context, I wasn't.)

    And I think not recognizing any of the shows means you're a guy with better things to do than watch television. And that you're in GB.

    If it's any consolation... I didn't recognize most of the shows that were on the list that the talk show host was discussing, and I'd watched even fewer so much as once.