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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bad news, good news....

The day started out with the sad news that one of the true modern-day champions of free speech, website operator and author Andrew Breitbart, collapsed last night and passed away early Monday morning of an as-of-this-writing unknown cause. Love his work or hate it--me, I'm a big fan of employee and Big Hollywood editor John Nolte, and an admirer of what Breitbart accomplished over all. His death is a great loss for those of us who despise speech codes, political correctness, and the media serving the bidding of the White House and other government institutions instead of fulfilling its role as watchdog. (That's not to say Breitbart is perfect... but his outlets didn't pretend to be hard news, unlike what you get from ABC. ABC who wants us to believe they do unbiased reporting with a group of random Americans in a townhall broadcast from the White House.)

The GOOD NEWS is that televison, the opiate of the masses with ease our pain and loss. PSYCH returns to the USA Network tonight, March 1, with new episodes!


  1. Talk about gone too soon; it's hard to believe. The family is saying that he died of "natural causes", but I think they're just saying that to negate any speculation that he was murdered. I wonder if he had a heart attack or stroke. I respected the hell out that guy. Just heard him the other day filling in for Dennis Miller. He was saying how he re-Tweets all the vicious attacks from the left to prove they are not as tolerant as they claim.

  2. No one believes they're tolerant anymore. They prove, time and again, they're only tolerant if you parrot what the approved "party line."

    Although, frankly, I don't think anyone seriously believes Breitbart was murdered. It was an open secret that he had heart troubles. I wouldn't be surprised if a heart attack is what killed him.

    And in relation to the second part of my post... I really should watch more live TV. PSYCH returned WEDNESDAY night, not Thursday as I believed. D'oh!