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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's the hottest joint in town!

Second stripping-related fire article in a month. I'm sensing a trend...

Safety test burns club to ground 
A strip club owner burned his club to the ground while trying to prove it was fire-proof to health and safety inspectors. 
Benedict Frank, owner of the Cabaret Club in Kienberg, Switzerland, started the blaze to show how fire-proof it was when he was visited by safety inspectors. 
They had questioned whether his decorations were in accordance with fire safety rules, and he used his lighter to set fire to the paper ornaments in a bid to prove there was nothing to worry about. 
But the fire quickly took off and spread throughout the club and the neighbouring restaurant - burning both establishments to the ground.
According to local police no one was hurt in the fire, but the damage amounts to more than £300,000.

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