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Monday, April 2, 2007

Brits upset about 'South Park' episode

I wonder how many of these offended crybabies were praising "Death of President" as a masterpiece and the height of cleverness? (In case you don't know, "Death of a President" was sqeezed from between the hairy buttcheeks of a British filmmaker.)

At least the "South Park" episode was entertaining, which can't be said about "Death of a President".

"South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, having already offended almost everyone in America, have exported their outrageousness overseas, where the British are expressing indignation over a recent episode of the animated series depicting the Queen committing suicide.

Although the show has not yet been broadcast in the U.K., word of the American broadcast last week has teed off British bloggers.

"Tasteless, no other way to describe that show. ... It's such trash," wrote one.

Another described it as "cruel humor."

A spokesperson for Comedy Central, which produced the show, told the London daily Mirror, "South Park has never shied away from offending people in the name of comedy. Nobody is off-limits."

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