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Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to tell a guy is a moron

He's married to an attractive, smart and RICH woman... and he STILL sleeps around. This is Mrs. Jesse James, aka Sandra Bullock.

First, there was just an allegation that Jesse James was an idiot. That was yesterday, as reported here.

Then, today, Jesse James confirmed that he is indeed an idiot. We're not quite sure how big an idiot, but I suppose that will come out eventually as well. You can read his "apology" to his wife and children here.

Anyone who cheats on their spouse is counted among the lowest form of human being, but a guy like James is both a creep and dumb. (Or maybe he's just been sleeping with his dogs?)

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  1. And now that I've seen pictures of the she-beast he was screwing around with, I am even more appalled. How does he manage to get dressed in the morning?