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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nazis Quit Mini Blogathon: Week One

Sixty-five years ago this week, the Allied forces gave Nazi Germany the pounding that nation led by rabid beasts so richly deserved. Sixty-five years ago this week, Soviet troops broke the Nazi hold on Vienna and the U.S. 89th Infantry Division Liberates Ohrdruf, the First Sub-Camp of Buchenwald Concentration Camp Complex. It had become a priority of the Americans after General Patton's command received a message that the SS was rushing to exterminate the prisoners before Allied troops could liberate them. Sixty-five years ago this week, Hitler and the rest of the scum from the diseased part of the gene pool in Berlin kidded themselves that their insane fantasies of empire could still become reality.

I am celebrating the destruction of their Nazi Germany with reviews of movies and graphic novels, some dating from when the Nazis were still on the loose, some more recent. Here's a round-up of the reviews for this week, reviews of books and movies that give the Nazis the level of respect and recognition they are due.

Nazis Quit Blogathon Movie Reviews, Week One

Hard Rock Zombies: Even Death and Hitler Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll

Oasis of the Zombies: Even Zombies are Ashamed of This One

Outpost: As Seen by Carl at I Like Horror Movies

Puppet Master III: Watch Nazis Get Creamed by Tiny Puppets

Where Eagles Dare: A Great Thriller

Zombie Lake: Beware Nazi Zombies When Skinny Dipping

Nazis Quit Mini-Blogathon Graphic Novel Reviews, Week One

The Shazam Family Archives, Vol. 1: Great WW2 Comics in a High-Quality Format

Showcase Presents Sgt. Rock, Vol 1: Kicking Nazi Butt, One Nazi at a Time

Come back for Week Two for the queerest Nazi on record, a sexy Russian spy in German occupied France, and Bela Lugosi at the head of the most incompetent gang of Fifth Columnists you're ever likely to encounter. And much, much more!

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