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Friday, April 23, 2010

Nazis Quit Mini-Blogathon: Week Three

Continuing the observation of the end of Nazi Germany 65 years ago with a third week of movies and graphic novels that give Hitler and his psychotic followers (and those who enabled them) exactly the level of respect they deserve.

Graphic Novel Reviews
The Haunted Tank, Vol. 1: 500+ Pages of Quirky Batttle Action

Movie Reviews
Cataclysm: Immortal Nazis Add to Confusion

The Great Dictator: Charlie Chaplin Mocks Fascism and Bucks the Hollywood Mainstream

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS: The Most Feared Nazi of Them All

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror: The Great Detective vs. the Master Race

For lots more (and year-round) respect for Hitler and the Third Reich, check out the Hitler Getting Punched blog by clicking here.

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