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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tale of Two Directors, Part Two:
Leftist Hollywood Doesn’t Give a Damn About Human Rights in Iran

Earlier this week, I posted a link to Part One of John T. Simpson's feiry op-ed on the difference between the Hollywood celebretards' reactions to the just arrest of convicted child rapist and fugitive from justice director Roman Polanski, and the unjust and baseless imprisonment of director Jafar Panahi. Here's Part Two.

Tale of Two Directors, Part Two: Leftist Hollywood Doesn't Give a Damn About Human Rights in Iran

It's been interesting to read some of the reaction to Simpson's column on other blogs (to which I'm not going to bother to link because I'm lazy). But, generally speaking, the attitude of Simpson's detractors irritate me the way all apologists for Polanski irritate me. The fact that he drugged and raped a child isn't a big deal to them because he is a Great Artist and/or a money-maker for film studios and actors.

Polanski is a rapist and a coward. Panahi is a political activist and a brave man who stands up for his convictions. One is a scumbag who should be in a deep, dark hole. The other should be helming film productions.


  1. Good point. I'm not on the side of those who are rushing to Polanski's defense.

    Im sure alot of them were the same ones who were againt Elia Kazan getting an honorary Oscar in 1999.

  2. Hm. That would be an interesting point to research. What sort of cross-over exists between those willing to forgive Polanski's rape of a child but who begrudged Kazan's telling the truth before a Congressional committee. It it's a signicant number, it lends plenty of credence to Simpson and others who like to portray the entertainment business as being dominated by morally bankrupt dimwits who list to the left.