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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'Glen or Glenda: The Musical' coming soon?

Do you have any spare change under that couch cushion or in that car ashtray? Would you like to be part of musical theater and cinematic history? Then perhaps the show that writer/composer Michael Penny is trying to raise funds for will interest you.

Penny is hoping to stage "Glen and Glenda: The Musical."

Click here to visit Penny's pitch-page at There you can read a little bit about his ideas and the PBS-style "pledge rewards" you can get for your contribution to his project. He states that he is hoping to raise US$10,000 by August.

On the face of it, that sort of sounds like a set-up like the guys from "The Producers" might be trying to pull off, but I there might be a potentially good idea here. AT the very least, I'd love to see a version of "Glen or Glenda?" with a real soundtrack score. Further, as I said in my review of "Glen or Glenda?" there's something special about this flick... and maybe Penny's adaptation can bring it out more clearly.

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