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Friday, June 25, 2010

Who is to be protected by this effort?

This seems like a wonderful and worthy project.

Paris hosts cyber-shelter for oppressed bloggers

But does anyone know what would prompt Julliard to say, "If the CIA [...] want to get round it they can, but this will make things much more difficult"? Is there something that those more Enlightened/Informed than I can tell me about? Links would be nice.

I wonder what bloggers need protection from the CIA. Will Jean-Francois Julliard and the other good people at Reporters Without Borders be turning their efforts over to the likes of Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the ETA? Those are the only kind of subhuman wastes of skin and cyberspace I can see the CIA caring about. Certainly, the CIA couldn't care less about "citizen journalists" in China or Iran. I wish it wasn't so--I wish we were HELPING them--but we sure as hell aren't hunting them. Or have I missed something?

Or is Julliard's comments just another example of our French "friends" feeling more sympathetic toward those who are dedicated to murdering Americans where ever they can find them?

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