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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming soon to a bookstore near you....

"150 Movies You Should (Die Before You) See" has been in the works for some time; has been through two distinctly different incarnations; and has plenty of stuff to entertain and amuse those who love watching bad movies (as well as those who love hating bad movies).

Now, if only I can convince someone that the world DOES need a book that contains both movie reviews and themed recipes that are easy to prepare (for hosting the bad movie parties).

If you want to help a fellow out, you can pre-order the book at a discount from by clicking on the link below. A portion of every dollar you spend goes to feed my two hungry cats!


  1. Perfect timing to coincide with the release of the documentary Best Worst Movie. Good work.

  2. I can thank the publisher, Adams Media, for that. I never would have been that clever.

  3. This looks great. Love the cover!

  4. They did a nice job with it. According to the editor, the art department and type setters had a great time with this project. They liked the weird posters and the humorous commentary in the text.

    I'll know come December whether readers feel the same way. Christmas 2010 will either be really merry or miserable! :)

  5. Will have to pick up a copy online. I'd love to promote the book on my blog too.

  6. If you have ideas, I'll try to lend you a hand. It would be nice to sell more than 23 copies. :)