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Friday, July 16, 2010

Top Forensic Experts Claim
Gibson Audio Tapes Are Edited

I'm not going to defend Mel Gibson's behavior. The guy seems like an abusive jerk and a mean-tempered drunk. However, from the beginning of this latest incident, a thought has been recurring to me: Aren't their laws in California against making these sorts of recordings and then releasing them? Isn't GIBSON the victim here? Why isn't this being brought up by the reporters, since it was their favorite thing to mention back when that guy dressed up like a pimp and showed those ACORN employees for the scum that they are?

I also wondered how in the world Oksana Girgorieva, the supposed victim of abuse at the hands of Mel Gibson, could remain so calm and yet continue egg Gibson on. It smelled like a set-up from the get-go to me, but I never saw that angle discussed anywhere.

And as other tapes were released--we're up to three now, I think--another thought occur ed to me: Why are these coming out in drib and drabs like this... whenever the story starts to fade, another tape is released. Perhaps Gibson is a REAL victim here. Perhaps this wench and her friends in the press are actively going after him? And how did the conversation start? Do we know what was said to provoke him? Do we know how these tapes have been edited?

No one in the press seems to have asked those questions. Until now. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one wondering.

Hollywood Life: Top Forensic Experts Tell Us Mel Gibson’s Threatening Audio Tapes Have Been Tampered With!

Maybe a "serious journalist" will do a follow-up on his or her Gibson bash-fest to explore the reasons for why the tapes were edited? Why Gibson sounds like he's on a speaker-phone while Girgorieva sounds like she's carefully miked? Perhaps someone in the media can even ask to hear the original tapes, in their entirety and from the beginning of the phone call?

Although that's probably asking for too much, since these same "serious journalists" have been fretting about the fact that Mel Gibson uses some pretty vile language during his rants, while almost simultaneously producing orgasmically joyful articles about the fact that convicted child rapist and fugitive from justice Roman Polanski will never again see the inside of a US courtroom or prison again.


  1. Federal law says that only one participant in the conversation must know that it's being recorded.

    State laws, however, vary. I know that in Michigan, it is a two year felony to record a phone call without telling the other person.

    I deal with these laws every day.

  2. Some very good points here. Yes, the man's an ass, but so are lots of people. This smells nasty to me.

  3. This is probably what O.J. sounded like before he killed his ex-wife.