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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Muslim maniac blows self up in Sweden's capitol

A Muslim Mo-ron engaged in Cartoonifada in Stockholm today. I promised that whenever Mohammed-worshipping death cultists or adherents of the Religion of Peace did something stupid invoving Mo-toons, I'd post one.

Well, I am not in a posititon to access my cartoon archive at the moment, but tomorrow, every one of my main blogs will feature a Mo-toon, in honor of the brave, brave Mohammadan who made the ultimate act of devotion to his false idol, the Prophet Mohammed (may peas be upon him).

Meanwhile, click here to read all about the latest actions on the part of the death cult of Mohammed.

If you want to check out a collection of Mo-toons in preparation for tomorrow's big event, click here to check out the Mohammed Mondays archive.

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