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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Iranian terror comes to Canada

The terrorists in charge of Iran are wetting their pants over a forthcoming movie, so they decided to cause a little pants-wetting among Canadian authorities (as reported at Big Peace)....

Iran Shuts Down Canadian Showing of ‘Iranium’

The Canadians first stood up to the demands of Iran to stop the screening of the documentary, so Iran apparently issued a couple of more explicit threats, which sent everyone running for cover, and resulted in the screening being cancelled.

Sounds like this film is worth supporting. At the very least, Iran and their terrorist buddies in Canada need a Mo-toon style lesson in the law of unintended consequences. Go to the Iranium, watch the preview and register to see the entire film free online on its official launch date of February 8, 2011.

Or perhaps even arrange a screening of the film in your local area.

Don't let the terrorists and their asshole allies win. Whenever they try crap like this, there should be push-back from every direction.

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