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Friday, January 21, 2011

Reports of Massive International Support for
Lars Hedegaard

A while back, I passed along a plea for much-needed attention from the Danish Free Press Society to the fact that Danish courts, in the grip of rampant Islamophobia, are putting those who DARE speak truthful criticism about Islam and its followers on trial. Just for speaking those truths.

It seems Denmark is seeking closer ties with the government of Iran and other oppressive Muslim theocracies. Even the Canadians, with their outrageous so-called Human Rights Commission aren't this bad, as the tales about them standing up to demands from Iran to stop a movie screening shows.

But, speaking of Canada, it is from North of the Border that I have learned of massive international support for Lars Hedegaard, the latest victim of the Islamophobic Danish "justice system." (Not that I'm saying my post had anything to do with it, but I want to encourage my readers to add their voices of support for Hedegaard.)

Maybe the Danish authorities can be shamed into rejoining the civilized people who believe in freedom of speech and truthful news-reporting?

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