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Sunday, February 6, 2011

There's bad...

... and then there's Christina Aguilera performing the National Anthem at the 2011 Super Bowl.

She couldn't even get the lyrics right... and one has to wonder if she even knows what they mean, given where she placed inflections.

She should have rehearsed a couple of times before stepping in front of a national audience. Well, at least she was fully clothed, so she didn't endanger anything but her own reputation.


  1. Holy Christ what a performance! What a talentless doofus!
    (By the way: who is the girl in the Cinema Steve banner?)

  2. The girl on the banner was/is a photo model, but I don't know her name. One of the legacies of a brief stint with a publishing firm of which I was part owner is that I have a collection of several hundred thousand photos and illustations that I have license to use, not to mention ten thousand or so digitally scanned public domain bits of art. That banner is one of them. (Numerous illos across all my blogs are drawn from that collection. More are, admittedly "borrowed," as the footer on all the blogs implies.)

  3. On Aguiler, one wonders what made her say "Ah, to heck with rehearsing or even learning the lyrics to the song... let me finish off this pack of cigs and quart of discount-store Scotch before I hit the stage."

  4. Ah, no wonder I didn't know who she was. If only I could say the same of Aguilera.

  5. It was shameful. I wanted to vomit when I heard it. Besides a box office dud, what else has she done in the past 5 years? I suppose all the other singers they wanted to get were all busy protesting something...