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Friday, February 11, 2011

Well, I think they're funny!

I thought the Groupon ads satirizing the overly touchy-feely, obviously phony begging-for-donation TV spots were hilarious. The company has decided to pull them, because they have outraged what they consider their target market (I assume).

Given that the most extreme histrionics about saving whales, saving the rain forest, and saving Tibet come from whacked-out liberals, I am wondering if the histrionics about these Christopher Guest-directed, and very funny, ads didn't come from them as well.

And I wonder how many of them thought this violent fantasy about murdering people because they don't buy into a group-think party line about Global Warming was harmless satire?

What is the phrase? You never notice until it's your ox that gets gored? (And one can't help but wonder if the "Save the Whale" ads isn't going to be considered the most offensive them all... because it's also the most honest.)

The ads are on Youtube for a the moment at least. Here are all three of them.

Groupon Ad: Save the Rainforest

Groupon Ad: Save Tibet

Group Ad: Save the Whales

I'm curious to hear what readers of this blog think. There's a comments section. Please use it. :)


  1. I too thought that these three commercials were hilarious. But I may have been biased as a result of the stir they caused among people who regularly ridicule and mock their political "rivals" but who obviously don't know how to "take a joke" that directed at them.

  2. I agree with you, Steve...
    I'm actually a little disappointed in people for being angered by those commercials. I thought they were awesome!