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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Pause that Refreshes

It might just be the programs I watch and movies I see, but soda commercials seem to be about running around all hyper and/or doing dangerous high-risk stuff... like the Coca-Cola commercial that ran before the screening of "Scream 4" I saw Friday that featured a bunch of Nascar drivers singing the Coca-Cola jingle while speeding around the track with Coke bottles in the cup-holders of their race cars.

But at one time, however, there were Coke ad campaigns that revolved around the opposite, pitching Coke as a relaxing beverage to be enjoyed between the hectic and wild moments. Maybe it's because I'm ready for a break after a couple of stress-filled months, but pausing for a quiet drink or two seems like an awfully appealing idea right now.

It would be even better to take a "pause that refreshes" if Coke still cost 5 cents a bottle!


  1. You are right....
    I've noticed commercials taking a more risky approach lately. It's like they're trying to be "viral." It used to be that advertising was the domain of NON risky and/or offensive content.


    Now, have a Coke and a smile.

  2. Five cents AND out of a bottle. I hate canned Coke.
    Hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

  3. Andrew: And when the advertisers get called out for being "edgy," they cry like little girls having their pig-tails pulled. They should probably have STAYED in the safe areas.

    Alex: I am. I'm still posting junk, but some of it's been different than the usual junk, because I've had to think outside the box. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!