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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Question of the day...

If Islam is the "religion of peace" that we're led to believe it is, why would Wayne County law enforcement try to stop Terry Jones from staging a rally outside a Dearborn, MI mosque for fear that a protest might cause "a riot [...] complete with the discharge of firearms”?

Click here to read the full article about this case at the No Dhimmitude blog.

While I think Terry Jones is pond-scum--like any and all anti-intellectuals who destroy and/or censor books in the name of political or religious agendas--I think he's an American and he has certain rights guarenteed by the Constitution. These rights are not abridged just because a mosque happens to be in the general area.

Unless... Islam ISN'T a religion of peace and the Dearborne authorities are trying to protect Jones from a bunch of blood-thirsty idol worshippers with poor impulse control who think they and only they are due respect and consideration?

Nah, that can't possibly be it! I think we've found another documented case of Islamophobia! Is there no end to it?! This is America! How can we tolerate local authorities behaving as though Muslims are inherently violent and murderous!?

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