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Friday, July 1, 2011

A little something to help you get through the long weekend

Earlier this week, I published my first of several eBooks featuring classic fiction re-edited to a lesser or greater degree by yours truly. I'm leading this new venture of mine with a long-time favorite--John Kendrick Bangs' "Houseboat on the River Styx".

I've performed some editing and abridgments of Bangs' original book and combined it with an edited version of the sequel, "In Pursuit of the Houseboat". I hope my efforts have breathed new life into this neat fantasy classic that has the leading Shades of Hades creating a social club. Arguments about life, the afterlife, and why it's too bad that Noah didn't put dinosaurs on his ark ensue.

For a special sales price of just $1.25, you can get a 94-page pdf-format book with chapter illustrations by famed fantasy artist Larry Elmore and others that you can enjoy on a number of platforms, the iBook in particular.

All of my earnings on the book go to feed my hungry cats, so please buy a copy today! Archie and Edith will be ever so grateful.

(Also, be sure to keep a look-out for the tie-in with my recently released game "Rolf!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters". It'll present several of the characters from "Houseboat on the Styx" through the prism of "Rolf!", battle ready for your imaginary mayhem enjoyment.)


  1. Steve, I'm new to the E-reader world - would this work on my Kindle, and is it available through Amazon, or only through the link in the post?

  2. I am working on producing a Kindle-compatible version I'm happy with--in fact, that was the format I originally wanted to go with. My first three attempts were disasters, which is actually why I fell back on the PDF format and RPGNow because it's a format I know and an outlet I worked with in a the past. Stay tuned. I'll get it right next week, I hope!

    At this moment, "Houseboat" is only available at RPGNow, partly because of the issue I'm having with formatting eBooks in anything but pdfs, but also because I'm having a technical problem with my Amazon affiliate account. When both my incompetence with software and the hurdle of Amazon tech support have been overcome, I hope to have that Kindle-specific version out there and on Amazon.

    According to the specs, the original Kindle and Kindle DX can read PDFs. Kindle 2 cannot, near as I can tell.