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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Occupy Sundance!

Every so often, someone has to step up and remind me not to be an arrogant prick. I need that reminder, because being an arrogant prick comes oh-so-easily to me!

The most recent reminder was provided yesterday after I made a comment about a film's title (“Occupy Wall St: The Revolution Is Inspiring” by Tim Schwartz), which I find anything but inspiring. I overstepped when I then commented negatively on the film itself, which was unfair and uncalled for, because I've not seen it.

A representative for the Occupy Sundance Film Festival, where the short film in question is slated to be screened Jan. 21 - Jan. 24, stepped up and politely called me on my film-reviewing misdeed. Not only that, but the person provided me with the link to the Occupy Sundance Film Festival website, so I could see the movie I had slammed.

As it turned out, not only was my pre-judgement of "Occupy Wall St: The Revolution is Inspiring" uncalled for, but it was unfair in the extreme. This is actually a very well done short-form documentary.

Unlike the garbage produced by the likes of Michael Moore and Newt Gingrinch's Super PAC, Tim Schwartz has actually made a real documentary that presents scenes as they unfolded, without distortion and editing together unrelated clips to make things appear as something other than they weren't. Schwartz presents Occupy Wall Street scenes honestly and without distortion. People like me, who found the whole Occupy Movement a hollow joke, will keep shaking their heads... and those who found it inspiring will be inspired; it's not a film that will change minds, but it will convey the atmosphere present.

That said, I found the whole film amusing and, despite my contempt for the subject matter, the 30 seconds or so were quite moving. And that is why I feel grateful for the anonymous publicist who stepped up and showed me I was being a jerk.

"Occupy Wall St: The Revolution is Inspiring" is a well-done bit of film-making. (Next, I shall have to watch "Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street," another of the scheduled offerings. THAT is an effective title... and I hope the film lives up to it!)

For more information about the Occupy Sundance alternative film festival, click here. To watch the movies online, click the blue "movies playing" button and then on the film titles.

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