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Monday, May 21, 2012

Music from the soundtrack of 'The Dictator'

It's official. "The Dictator" is a bomb. Maybe if Sacha Baron Cohen had given some edge to this funny movie, it would have flown. But, alas, he did not.

The soundtrack, both in the preview and the film itself, is interesting in the way it uses both real examples of hybrids of eastern and western popular music, as well as spoofs of said hybrids.

One track that shows up in the preview and in the film is Panjabi MC's "Mundian To Bach Ke." There's the original video for the song. I have no idea what's going on in the lyrics... but I feel confident in saying that you're not likely to encounter a more effective sampling of the original "Knight Rider Main Theme" ever.

And here's the version that plays during the closing credits of the film, as well as the previews for the films. Personally, I prefer the original version above. (Interesting note about the previews for "The Dictator"... there are jokes in them that don't actually appear in the film itself.)

And here's another track and video from Panjabi MC, "Snake Charmer." It was referenced in the entirely unnecessary Jay-Z addition to "Mundian To Bach Ke."... very cool stuff.

But... to return to the subject at hand. Here's the actual "General Alladeen: The Next Episode," the "rap theme" from the movie. Not work safe, but hilarious. I'm not sure what the lyrics are about... but it's clearly a fitting tribute to the great General Admiral Alladeen and the fact that he has more style than all rappers in the U.S. put together. Although I do have the distinct impression that he might be hogging the weed....

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