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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Indian Film Spoofs Bin Laden?

"Tere Bin Laden" ("Without Bin Laden") is a low-budget satire from India slated for release next month. Publicity surrounding the film is starting in earnest, and the article quoted below caught my eye.

But does it really make fun of Osama bin Laden? The headline on the AFP story says that it does, but the summary doesn't sound like it.

Bollywood makes Osama bin Laden spoof

I did find it interesting that star Ali Zafar felt the need to state that the film "does not hurt anyone's ideology." Does this mean that Osama bin Laden is a figure of worship and idolatry like the Prophet Mohammed (may peas be upon him) and there will be death threats for showing his image? If so, theater chains were wise to drop "Postal," which featured Osama as a major character.

Click here to visit the film's official site. Some of it's in a language I don't know, but the cartoon is cute and the music jammin'.


  1. I HAVE GOT to see this movie!
    Even if it is terrible and offensive.

  2. I dropped a line to the producers. Hopefully, they'll let me know if there's American distribution lined up, be in to theaters or on DVD.