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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perez Hilton Could Be Thrown In Prison

I'm not usually one to support reporters of any stripe going to jail, but from what I know of and have seen from this Perez Hilton character, he seems like a mean-spirited prick who deserves whatever the law can throw at him.

As reported on Perez Hilton Could Get Up To 36 Years In Prison for distributing revealing photos of Miley Cyrus
He and anyone who goes after the children of celebrities, or goes out of his way to invade the privacy or be vicious towards celebrities on a personal level just because they happen to be in the public eye, hopefully also have a very special place in Hell reserved for them.


  1. I'm no fan of Perez, but when will these stupid girls ever learn to put on some panties? I think she even posed naked for another magazine a couple of years ago.

  2. Yeah... the "not wearing panties" thing is something I don't quite understood. Particularly if they're going to be wearing a short skirt. However, I still think it's base for P.H. and his fellow travelers to behave the way *they* do.

    And, yes... there was a photo-shoot with Cyrus last year or so. It's all part of what I consider a concerted effort to "age her," so she can make a full leap into the pop-tartlet mode like Spears and Aguilara were in a few years back. Frankly, what with the Disney Machine and a pair of experienced showbiz hands for parents, I doubt there's much that this girl does in public that isn't somehow calculated. But, still... I wish the stocks were back in style for some types of offenses.

  3. Since we are throwing people in jail who are almost single-handedly lowering the collective IQ of everyone in North America let's throw Stephanie Meyer in with him.

  4. I can't comment one way or the other. The "Twilight" thing has mostly passed me by, just as the "Harry Potter" thing did. (The only reason I know anything about Harry Potter is because a couple of friends are big fans, and because a company I worked for was briefly pursuing an HP license.)