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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terrorist Twits

There were many choices for 'T,' but I went with "Terrorist Twits." (I was going to go with "Terrorist Twats," but there are half a dozen blogs that feature posts from Cinema Steve in their sidebars, and I thought it would be bad form to put foul language on them.)

So... terrorist twits/twats. The kind who threaten and attempt murder over cartoons. The kind who threaten and commit murder over books. The kind who threaten and commit murder over book burnings. The kind who have the American government and media pissing themselves in fear every time someone from CAIR flaps their gums behind their greasy beards.

The kind of terrorist twats that ordinary Americans need to stand up to every day, because our leaders are failing to do their duties and defend our Constitutional Rights. The government and media assisted terrorists in eradicating cartoonist Molly Norris, and, more recently, a local government in Michigan threw a man in jail for daring to even suggest protesting outside a mosque.

Everyday Americans need to protest the terrorist twats in non-violent and creative ways, the opposite of what they do--all violence and destruction all the time.

The most effective way I can think of to do that is to stage a second annual Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

Show the terrorist twats in the United States and around the world that they can't force their idol worship of Mohammed upon us, nor can they force to respect the collection of crappy fairy tales known as the Koran. Show them that we can as silly or as crass as we want to be and that just because they revere an admitted and proud pedophile and a book that inspires psychopathic behavior around the world doesn't mean that everyone has to. Respect is earned, not deserved. And 21st century Muslims (and the terrorist twats they harbor in their midst) have done nothing to earn anyone's respect... certainly not the respect of Americans who should value liberty.

May 20 is Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. I'll be posting at least one of my own cartoons to this blog. If anyone else wants to join in, I can post your cartoon as well--anonymously if you like. I prefer funny or clever over just shockingly offensive... click here, here, and here for a look at what I posted last year. That is the sort of stuff I'd like to see more of.

Let's make another Day of a Million Moes... and let's try to do something to hang onto the freedoms that millions of Americans have fought and died for, among which is the freedom to make and publish cartoons of whomever and whatever we feel like.

This post was brought to you in part by the Dearborn al-Qaeda Recruitment Center. Click on the arrow below to watch their latest promotional video.

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