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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Minister's followers wait in vain for world's end

This may be jumping the gun, but it's looking more and more likely that Jesus Christ WON'T be honoring us with a visit today. (Although there was just a volcanic eruption in Iceland, and there was an earthquake in New Zealand... and the Rapture WAS scheduled for 6pm (probably Pacific Time, but I'm not sure on that one).

It could also be that Christ was taking I-5 through Seattle on his way to Harold Camping's place... which means He'd be late for his own resurrection.

Unless, He already came and went, "like a thief in the night, and took the only Rapture-worthy people with him...

Minister's followers wait in vain for world's end : "Neither radio employees nor radio minister Harold Camping were in evidence Saturday morning in the station parking lot on Hegenberger Road near the Oakland Airport."

As for me, I'm heading out to climb a radio broadcast tower in Seattle, wearing an orange hard-hat with a battery on top and strobe lights mounted on either side. I want to make sure the angles spot me in case they come swooping down at 6pm (or by Midnight, in case they were stuck in traffic with Jesus)!

If you see no further posts, you know what happened! (Or maybe I'm just in jail....)

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