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Monday, May 2, 2011

Remembering and Immortalizing Bin Laden

Articles like this one (where Muslim Maniacs and hypocrites whine about the demise of their idol) and this one (where a lie is put to the claim that Islam is a "peaceful religion" that was "hijacked by a few extremists and twisted for their own agenda"... if is WAS true, would any "scholar" who valued his reputation be quoted in the world press complaining about Bin Laden's carcass being sunk to the bottom of the ocean?) and other pieces soul-searching about the death of the great Shit--sorry Sheik--reminded me that I did my own tribute to him back in 2007.

Click here to see Osama bin Laden as presented in the "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" roleplaying game.

Osama bin Laden: Dead and Buried at Sea


  1. I would love to see video footage of his dead corpse being torn apart by a hungry shark.

  2. Obama missed a great fund raising opportunity... pay-per-view televised broadcast of the burial at sea of Osama been Livin'!