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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

John Nolte has another insightful commentary on the state of the film and television industries.

Sandra Bullock: Part of a dying breed?
A lot of what I see on Andrew Breitbart's websites annoys me, but I almost always find myself in agreement with John Nolte, the media critic who edits Big Hollywood for Breitbart. And he's got another good piece on what's wrong with big movies and big stars these days, partly written in refutation of a Daily Mirror piece. Click the link to read it.

Big Hollywood -- Death of the Movie Star: Yes, It’s For Real: "The talent is out there. The movie industry just refuses to put it to work."


  1. Dont mean to change the subject, but Sandra Bullock looks hot in that photo.

  2. Talking about Sandra Bullock is NEVER changing the subject. :)

    That's one of five pictures I've been sitting on for a while. Two of the others, she's even hotter looking. Hopefully, excuses to use them will present themselves!