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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tennessee Thursday: Rep. G.A. Hardaway

In the "great" state of Tennessee, they enacted a law on July 1 that makes it a punishable offense to publish material online that might cause "emotional distress" in those who view it. In other words, if you're in Tennessee, putting up ANY picture that could cause ANYONE any upset can land you legal trouble. I hope you folks down there share the disdain of the 1st and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution that your elected representatives and governor have. Only a tiny minority of the assembly voted against it.

This series of posts is devoted to spotlighting the "lawmakers" who drafted and passed this outrageous law, as well as providing samples of things that may be illegal in the state where the leaders delude themselves into thinking they are "America At Its Best."

I'm hoping the citizens of Tennessee will live up to its slogan and that enough of them become aware of what sort of ignorant clods they have in the legislature to vote them out of office.

Postings That May Be Illegal in Tennessee #4
Jesus and Mo

If you are offended or otherwise emotionally distressed by the above cartoon and its portrayal of the Prophet Mohammad (may peas be upon him) as a videogame-playing, booze-guzzling ignoramus, please contact the subject of today's profile. I'm sure he'll be happy to offer assistance in soothing your hurt feelings. (Just don't ask him for legal advice.)

Tennessee "Lawmaker" Profile #4: Rep. G.A. Hardaway

G.A. Hardaway is a real estate investor who has turned to politics as a Decomcrat, and he was elected to his seat in the Tennessee legislature in 2008 and he was re-appointed in 2010 when he "ran" unopposed. In addition to serving on the House Consumer & Employee Affairs Committee, House Commerce Committee, and the House General Sub-committee of Consumer & Employee Affairs, Hardaway hols leadership positions and/or is active in a number of community groups and organizations, including the Africa in April Festival, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Herendon #10 Masonic Lodge, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the NAACP, the Shelby Council Juvenile Court Advisory Council, and many, many others.

It's no surprise that one so busy as Rep. Hardaway can't be bothered with actually knowing the framework within which he should be making law.