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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cause for global celebration: Bin Laden Dead!

Newsflash: Osama bin Laden is taking Satan's cock up the ass as I type these words.

First, the main attraction: Officials: Bin Laden killed near Islamabad

Second, the after-party, with Americans celebrating and President Obama behaving like an actual American President for once: Bin Laden dead, Obama says justice is done

It's been reported before that Osama bin Laden has been killed, but never with this degree of detail. And as a special bonus, at least one of his foul off-spring were reportedly sent to Hell at the same time. This time, reports state that the bin Laden carcass is actually in U.S. possession.

What a great way to start my birthday week! It will be a great gift from the universe if it turns out there is a little less evil in the world today.

The trash finally got taken out.


  1. Happy birthday! Celebration week-huh? Yahoo!

  2. Roger Ebert has been very quiet on his Twitter the last few hours. Not tweeting any of his thoughts. The left must be upset that he wasn't taken alive and tried in a civilian court.

    1. Left, shmeft. ANY American of any orientation who isn't upset about being permanently denied the opportunity to see Osama held over for a proper interrog--um--interview or to see all the evidence against him presented in open court is an absolute stone frigging idiot. No two ways about it.

      And damn if it ain't horrifying how many millions in the US eagerly fulfill that description.

  3. Autumn: You bethca!

    Tom: As annoying as Ebert has become in recent years, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. I think he's busy toasting his neighbors with champagne and celebrating like the rest of us!