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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In time for 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day 2'...

... one of the devout, peace-loving Muslims without whom the first "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" would not have existed has been brought up on charges of making terrorist death threats.

Read all about it at The Investigative Project on Terrorism: "South Park" Threat Leads to Charge Against Jesse Curtis Morton(aka Younus Abdullah Mohammad)

Jesse was Tweedle-Dee to Zachary Chesser's Tweedle-Dumb in running and otherwise taking steps to show the true faith of Islam in American to anyone who cared to pay attention. Here's hoping he goes away for 25 years as well.

Jesse (left) and his boyfriend Zack, in happier times,
when issuing terrorist threats got them on CNN, not on trial

And now for the ceremonial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him). May there be a Million Moes across the web on May 20, 2011--ALLAH WILLING!

Click here to visit the flagship blog for Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. You can submit your Mohammed cartoons here or there! (I'm hard at work on a new "Jihad Fairie Activity Page" that I'll post Friday. If I have the time to finish it, there's be another little goody as well. See you then!)


  1. Is it that time of year again already???

  2. Yep... and rumor has it that Jesus Christ himself will be posting a drawing of Mohammed this time around, since he's going to be in the neighborhood.

  3. steve are you really son of israel. for which all prohets sent by yehowah(allah,god) okay.?
    why do you are insulting prophet if you do not want to follow him does nt we are not insulting moses(pbuh) jesus(pbuh)than why do you do this ...?

    are you crazy...?
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    the man with empty pocket who want to earn money by insulting prophets.
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    1. Can you read? If you can, I recommend you READ the post you are responding to. It answers your questions.

      I would love to hear how I can make money insulting prophets. Please do enlighten me, because it seems like al-Qaeda and Hamas has no shortage of cash, and they are shitting on Mohammad's good name each and every day of the week (twice on Fridays and during Ramadan.)

      BTW, keep up the implied support for anti-cartoon Jihadists, and I will be celebrating "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" with another cartoon or ten.

      But thanks for stopping by!

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